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Qty is pleased to introduce Tomato seeds Roma. 

A Mid-Early determinate hybrid specially bred plum tomato that is ideal for preserving and making ketchup, tomato juice, and soups. Tomato Roma produces fleshy, juicy, almost seedless fruits with a deliciously different flavor, which makes it an excellent variety for eating fresh too. The average fruit weighs around 60-80gr with an average yield of 6-7 tons per hectare. This semi-bush variety is very heavy cropping and has good resistance to verticillium and fusarium wilt. A versatile variety that can be grown outside or in the greenhouse. Highly praised variety due to the long vegetation period (110 days).

Resistances: Verticillium (V),  Fusarium  (F 1,2)



                        5 grams

                        50 grams

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