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Qty is pleased to introduce Tomato seeds Mileana. These tomato seeds are great for outdoor production due to its determinant hybrid qualities it does not require support structures. It has multiply jointed and restricted stem growth. The fruits are round flat, slightly ribbed and multi-chambered. The average fruit weight is 150-200 gr with a solid texture and density, which makes them perfect for transportation or extended storage.  The taste qualities are persistent even after thermal processing, so they are used for both fresh consumption and canning. The green ring which forms during maturation disappears completely when the fruit is ripe, which gives a good indication when to start harvesting. Highly praised variety due to the long vegetation period in a greenhouse (112 days).

Resistances: tobacco mosaic virus (Tm),  Verticillium (V),  Fusarium  (F 1,2)., nematodes (N)


                        2 grams

                        5 grams

                        50 grams

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