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Qty is proud to present short cucumber hybrid seeds Tessa F1. Slightly smaller than supermarket cucumbers, Tessa F1 is about 18-22 cm long with a 3cm diameter. The skin is smooth and dark green. Showing a high resistance to disease Cucumber Tessa is easy to grow and has a sweet, juicy taste. It can be eaten without peeling and is excellent for salads. In our own experience, the taste remained good even when the fruit started to turn yellow. Ethylene gas given off by tomatoes and other fruit will also turn the fruit yellow, so they should be stored separately. Growing: sow the seeds in rows in 80-100cm spacing in May. In each row, sow individually or every 2 to 3 seeds in 15cm spacing. To promote growth, you can cover the plants. This variety requires warm moist permeable soils that are heavily fertilized. Cucumber Tessa F1 is highly recommended for both local markets and export.

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