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Online store for quality agricultural products and machinery MallAgro is proud to present Colosseo F1 watermelon seeds. This is a hybrid watermelon selected for its high yield and great taste. Typical feature for this watermelon hybrid is the lush green leaves and strong plants, which provide significant temperature protection and cover in both cold and hot weather. Colosseo F1 has a saturated red-colored, sweet fibreless flesh and a soft, light-thick striped-green rind. The average fruit weighs up to 10 -13kgs. This hybrid has a vegetation period of 78-80 days and it is suitable for Early production.


Pulp Intense red, no yarn, excellent sweet taste
Shellthin, green with dark streaks
10-13 kg 

Nota:  It feels good at low temperatures.

PACKAGING: 250 grams

Pulp Intense red, no yarn, excellent sweet taste
Form Oval
Shell Thin, green, with dark streaks
Weight 10-13 kg.

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