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Online store for quality agricultural products and machinery MallAgro is proud to present melon seeds Pobeditel F1. This hybrid has an extremely lively plant with branching and overgrowth, strong foliage and a vegetation period of 80- 85 days. The fruits are medium to large with an average weight of 1,5 to 3 kg and a slightly elliptic shape. The rind is strong, crack resistant with a bright yellow webbed and shiny color. The flesh of the fruit is thick; light orange with no seed cavity and a juicy sweet taste. Pobeditel F1 has a high dry mass quantity of 10-12% and it is resistant to Fusarium wilt and powdery mildew. These qualities of this hybrid variety make it a preferred choice for high yield organic production of disease-resistant, high-quality products for fresh consumption and the canning industry. 


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