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Online store for quality agricultural products and machinery MallAgro is proud to present melon seeds Ananas. 

Ananas is a Mid-Early to Late melon of the non-hybrid variety famous for its specific Pineapple taste and smell. The fruits are oval round and weigh up to 2,5 – 3 kg. They have a webbed yellowish rind structure with a light yellow-green flesh. The flesh of the fruit resembles a pineapple due to its juiciness, taste, and smell, which are very similar to that of the real pineapple fruit. The seeds are compact which leaves no empty cavities in the fruit. The vegetation period is 100-110 days and it is grown extensively for its high quantity of minerals, vitamins, and sugars, which makes the Ananas melon variety a perfect choice for both fresh consumption and the canning industry.



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