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Our milk coolers are designed for rapid cooling in livestock farms and for storage of fresh chilled milk immediately after milking. Also at the point of sale of fresh milk and dairy products in order to preserve its original nutritional and biological properties and to prolong its bactericidal phase. The milk coolers have a simple design to ensure easy and safe operation. They are made of stainless steel or aluminum sheet, intended for vessels in contact with food. The coolers are compact and take up little space.

Technical Specification
Manufacture of frame AISI Stainless Steel - 304, 316
Operational dashboard Automatic dashboard
Total dimensions 700 liters: 1200x1700x1400 | 800 liters: 1200x1700x1400 | 900 liters: 1200x1700x1300 | 1000 liters: 1300x1800x1400
Stirrer mechanism With automatic control
Mixer rot./min/ 20
Drain valve 1 ¼
Insulation Mineral wool
Washing head Depending on customer's request
Cooling range +4 ÷ 0 ° C
Refrigerating agent R-404A R-134A
Operational environment temperature +5 ÷ +32°C
Supply voltage 220 V or 380 V ± 10% (depending on customer's request)
Power consumption 700 liters: 1,8 kW | 800 liters: 1,8 kW | 900 liters: 2,2 kW | 1000 liters: 2,2 kW (depending on the type of bath)
Weight 700 liters - 150kg | 800 liters - 150kg | 700 liters - 170kg | 800 liters - 200kg

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